Club Update: Phase Three Training

Raheny Shamrock Athletic Club Covid-19 safety officer Pat Hooper has issued the following update for training as we enter Phase three of the road map to re-open our country.

While a number of the restrictions have been eased further, all of us need a heightened level of awareness as the country continues to re-open.

Phase three is primarily set for the timeframe Monday June 29 to Monday July 19 2020. Having reviewed the new guidelines and procedures in an effort to best suit our club we announce.

  • The club is closed for those who have been out of the country in the last 14 days
  • The club is closed for those in a period of self-isolation and/or cocooning under the current Health Policy Rules.
  • If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 do not train, self-isolate and contact your GP
  • The Clubhouse is closed to all members until further notice.
  • There can be no physical contact whatsoever between the members of the training group.
  • Please refrain entirely from spitting.
  • Social distancing of 2M must be strictly observed at all times between members of the training group and the general public.
  • The club Coach will organise the training venue, athlete‚Äôs need to contact their coach to book their training session.
  • The coach must arrange a booking with athletes before the training session. This booking and the athlete details must be confirmed to the club safety officer (Pat Hooper). Email pat.hooper @
  • Athletes should arrive at the training venue entrance no more than 10 minutes prior to training time.
  • Athletes should arrive in training kit and change footwear at the car or at home.
  • All athletes should bring hand sanitiser, face mask and surgical gloves to training.
  • Coaches must adhere to the guidelines and practices outlined here
  • Athletes must adhere to the guidelines and practices outlined here

Raheny Shamrock Athletic Club remains committed to the guidance and direction of Athletics Ireland, Sport Ireland, the HSE and the Government.