Elish Kelly Cycling Drive For Kenya

Elish Kelly is under taking a 15-hour dusk-to-dawn cycle on August 15th to support the work of Br. Colm O’Connell in Kenya.

Kelly’s motivation was driven in her own words as “For those of us lucky enough to be involved in sport, whether competitively or for fun, most of us do so knowing that, regardless of how we get on, we don’t have to think about where our next meal will come from.”

“However this is not the case for the majority of Kenyan athletes: running is their main way of making a living.”

However, because of COVID-19 there have been no races within or outside of Kenya over the past four months for the athletes to compete in”.

“While World Athletics have announced a new calendar for track and field events that is due to begin in August, it could be 2021 before road racing will recommence, which is bread and butter for most Kenyan athletes”.

At present, the timeframe for when road racing will resume is still uncertain. Given this, not only are many Kenyan athletes presently without any source of income to fund basic living needs, their future income stream is also very uncertain.

On top of this, as bad as COVID-19 is for the individuals that Br. Colm provides support to, because of global warming, Kenya has experienced particular heavy rains, flooding and landslides this year, along with an invasion of locusts, so food security is now a major concern for Kenyans.

Further information on the fundraising initiative at this Facebook link here

There are two ways that one can support this fundraiser. One is to participate in the cycling event between the 15 August and 15 September (anything from 15 minutes to 15 hours) and ask family/friends to support so that you can help to raise funds to assist Br. Colm in his work. Further information on this event can be found at this link here

If people cannot participate in the cycling event, but the cause appeals to them then they can, if they have the ability, make a donation at this Go Fund Me page here