Staying The Course

With the extension of Level 5 restrictions to April fifth we are reminded of the responsibility of all Club members to act and train within the spirit of what is required of every good citizen at this time.

As Club’s Covid-19 Compliance Officer I urge everyone to stay the course.

There are plenty reasons for optimism. It will be March next week. The vaccine rollout is gathering pace.

The general vibes are that the April fifth review of restrictions could allow at least small group training resumptions for sports and also some optimism that by the end of April there will be some form of racing in controlled environments.

In the meantime we must as a Club play by the rules as they are now. It’s No harm to re-iterate the most critical ones

  • Training can only take place individually. There is an allowance to meet up with people from one other household in outdoor settings when taking exercise, within the 5K limit. This can be interpreted as the max that can train together is two people if from different households.
  • There can be no gatherings or training in groups under any circumstances. This includes post training socialising that would be typical in normal circumstances. “

We are Raheny Shamrock. The club name and brand is well liked and respected in the Community. It is vital we keep it that way and stay the course.