Professor Kingston Mills of Athletic Fame

With all this available time on our hands we all find ourselves looking at far more Television than is customary. TV listings, which I once Green binned with undue haste now receive the respect once reserved for Fixture lists. A realisation that there is only so many times you can revisit Premier League Years and How The Open (pick a year) was Won, has made the latest SKY Sports subscription…


The Famine is over for Belvo

As well as being all about endeavour and physical activity, sport is at its best when it embraces that most basic emotion of unbridled passion. Rarely has that been more in evidence than in Santry Demesne yesterday, scene of last Saturday’s All-Ireland Schools Cross Country Championships. A stiff North easterly breeze had dried the old woodland course, creating surprisingly good underfoot conditions. The challenging hills around Walled Garden Corner remained…


Leinster Schools Cross Country Round-Up

It was cold and mucky in Santry Demesne last Wednesday, scene of the Leinster Schools Cross Country Championships. The contest here is to finish in the top 15 individuals or if part of a team assist your school to a top three placing. It is an exhilarating challenge that produces a myriad of emotions at this early stage of athletic careers and provides wonderful entertainment for interested supporters such is…


The 2019 Summer of Club Records

Whatever one’s memories of summer 2019 it certainly was a hot one when it came to the revision of club senior track and field records. A total of eight new records were set in a further raising of standards at Raheny Shamrock, writes Dick Hooper. The breakdown and spread too was indicative of progress being made across the board. In the month of July Mark Smyth, semi-finalist at the European…