2019 AXA Raheny 5 Course Map

The race will start as normal on All Saints Park and takes its usual left hand turn down All Saints Saint Road and onto Watermill road.

The race will then turn left onto All Saints Drive at the junction between Scoil Ide and Raheny Garda Station, the race than progresses past the start finish area turning left onto Wades Avenue (One Mile Marker).

The race moves down Wades avenue and right up along All Saints Road, then moving onto the Howth Road for a short stretch then moving left onto Vernon avenue, past the two mile marker and then turning left onto Mount Prospect avenue.

Runners then continue down Mount Prospect avenue past the three mile marker before moving into St. Anne’s Park, with a back loop in the main avenue of St. Anne’s Park.

The race then moves throw St. Anne’s Park before turning left onto All Saints Road into the final 400 metres moving right onto Wades Avenue and then finishing as normal on All Saints Park.

A map of the new race course is available below. Any questions or queries to info @ rahenyshamrock.ie