Raheny 5 Race Director Statement

The AXA Raheny 5 organisers acknowledge a  course measurement error in the 2022 event and apologise unreservedly for this.

We were dismayed when it became very obvious after the event that a miscalculation had occurred.

The organising committee immediately conducted a review into this incident, including discussions with a number of our volunteer team and athletes alike.

It emerged that the marker for the U-turn point on the main avenue in St Anne’s Park had been placed in the incorrect position. This led to approximately 500m being added to the course.

“To err is human” said AXA Raheny 5 Race Director Dave Hooper. “Unfortunately it has happened and cannot be undone”.

“We worked throughout the club with a dedicated team to deliver the 2022 AXA Raheny 5 with our plans changing near daily since mainly due to the Covid-19 situation. Having surmounted the challenges around all of that unfortunately and most disappointingly for our participants there is no doubt the course on the day was long.”

“We have significant learnings to take from this occurrence and from the 2022 AXA Raheny 5 event as a whole which we plan to include in our race planning for 2023”.

“While it is very disappointing that this happened, our number one priority was the return of the AXA Raheny 5 in 2022”.

“The committee and race team worked hard to ensure the delivery of the race engaging with all local stakeholders, An Gardai Siochana, Sports Medics Ireland and the Order of Malta in challenging circumstance and became the first mass participation event to take place in the Republic of Ireland since March 2020”.

“Our apologies are sincere and unqualified. We will take our learnings and look to make the 2023 event the best yet” concluded Hooper.

Please see calculator developed to calculate 2022 Raheny 5 mile time to actual 5 mile time. https://myrunningpace.com/long-short/