Whelan And Roche Land Noonan Cup

Jamie Whelan landed the 2023 Joe Noonan Cup for the first time clocking 26 minutes 20 seconds.

Whelan was followed home by Colm Cassidy in 27.58 and George Sevastopilo posting 28.08.

Fiona Roche set a new women’s course record when she broke the tape in 29 minutes 29 seconds. Taking 85 seconds off Zoe Quinn’s record.

Kate Crowley came home in second place clocking 30.54 and equalling the old course record. Carmel Ward took third place in 31.39.

The Watermill Way team of Sean McDonnell, Karen Slye, Keith Fleming and Rory O’Sullivan won the team race with 97 points.

The Watermill Way team were one point clear of Old Church Harriers team of┬áCillian Cooney O’Reilly, Helen Carr, David O’Hara and Ger Curley. While the Wrap it up team of Finn Kenehan, Lisa McCarthy, Dave Feeney and Niall O’Neill took third place with 119 points.

PlaceNameTimeTeam Name
1Jamie Whelan26.20Green Grinches
2Colm Cassidy27.58Specsavers
3George Sevastopilo28.08Elves on Shelves
4Finn Kenehan28.37Wrap It Up
5Mark O'Callaghan28.50Jingle Bells
6Ciaran Doherty28.53Specsavers
7Rory O'Sullivan29.14Watermill Way
8Robert Lea29.16Blackbanks
9Christian Finn29.19Holly + Ivy AC
10Fiona Roche29.29Snow Way
11David Jackson29.35Sleigh Bells
12Ger Curley29.57Old Church Harriers
13Chris Quaid30.07Street Runners
14Niall O'Neill30.10Wrap It Up
15Mark Salmon30.39Taxi Rankers
16Kate Crowley30.54Lapland & District AC
17Giovanni Salvatore31.38Librarians
18Carmel Ward31.39Frosty Feet
19Colm Kernan31.40Santa's Helpers
20Keith Fleming31.47Watermill Way
21Cillian Cooney O'Reilly31.57Old Church Harriers
22Alex Daly32.10Sleigh Bells
23Dan Delaney32.54Holly + Ivy AC
24John Clarke33.05Snow Way
25Ruairi McArdle33.18Convent House
26David O'Hara33.19Old Church Harriers
27Walter McConnell33.45Jingle Bells
28Sean McDonnell33.46Watermill Way
29Gary Aylward33.48Seafront Specials
30Michael English34.00Santa's Helpers
31Sharon Keilty34.13Seafront Specials
32Patrick Nolan34.24Convent House
33Caitriona Costello34.37Taxi Rankers
34Martin Kelly34.48Sleigh Bells
35John Byrne34.51Taxi Rankers
36Dave Woods35.05Frosty Feet
37Brian Ahearne35.06Blackbanks
38Lisa McCarthy35.11Wrap It Up
39Helen Carr35.17Old Church Harriers
40Niall Buckly35.22Green Grinches
41Trish Fitzgerald35.25Snow Way
42Karen Slye35.46Watermill Way
43Brian Hanney35.53Convent House
44Darren Meikle35.57Green Grinches
45Liam Mancini Moore36.12Santa's Helpers
46Aileen Cooke36.18Librarians
47Adrienne Atkins36.40Holly + Ivy AC
48Nick Alexander36.51Specsavers
49Orla Gilheaney37.59Green Grinches
50Greg O'Beirne38.06Street Runners
51Keith Comiskey38.12Librarians
52Orla McElhinney38.35Blackbanks
53Carl Moore38.47Lapland & District AC
54Aidan O'Grady38.55Seafront Specials
55Nikki Mooney39.04Convent House
56Paddy Cooney39.05Street Runners
57Mary Lynch39.13Librarians
58Olivia Mooney39.20Lapland & District AC
59Jennny Ashton39.25Sleigh Bells
60Jean Dunne39.29Elves on Shelves
61Niamh O'Malley39.54Frosty Feet
62Paddy McDonnell40.21Taxi Rankers
63Dave Feeney40.24Wrap It Up
64Melanie Hearns40.30Holly + Ivy AC
65Michael Carr41.02Elves on Shelves
66Angela Charlton41.12Street Runners
67Deirdre O'Dwyer41.27Jingle Bells
68Jake Daly42.12Frosty Feet
69Una Cherry42.54Specsavers
70Sarah O'Neill43.54Elves on Shelves
71Christopher Toy44.33Blackbanks
72Gavin Weadick44.53Snow Way
73Jose Menendez Collins44.54Lapland & District AC
74Kathy Smith45.52Seafront Specials
75Bernie Kearns46.21Santa's Helpers
76Rose McCaul51.26Jingle Bells