Winter League Round Five Results

Ian Conroy with his second win of this Winter League campaign with a first ever winter league win for Helen Daly.

1Ian Conroy15.54
2Rory O'Sullivan17.04
3Keith Fleming18.2
4Ciaran Chandler19.16
5Ivan Griffin19.2
6Walter McConnell19.52
7Patrick Nolan19.57
8Joe Kiernan20.05
9Mick King20.1
10Keith Comiskey20.38
11Gary Power20.44
12Nick Alexander20.59
13Karl Hearty21.09
14Darragh Shields21.22
15Colm Cahill21.3
16Brian Hanney22.09
17Helen Daly24.14
18Ger Fay26.4
19Bob Quinn28.38
20Kathy Smyth29.15
21Stephen Rowe30.03
22Josie Power30.19
23Jennifer Lee37.23