History Continues With National Track And Field Shamrock’s

The longest running National Athletics Championships in the world, 147 years and counting. Nothing has threatened that streak in the manner Covid19 has. Two World Wars have failed to break the elastic not to mention a couple of domestic Internal skirmishes circa 100 years ago. Originally slated to happen in late June to facilitate the Tokyo Olympics, re-arranged for this coming weekend, the final product being amended to behind closed…


Throwing out a Strong Message

Isolation and social distancing. Cocooning. Flattening the curve. Welcome to the world of a Thrower. So you fancy yourself to throw a Hammer, Discus, Javelin or putt a Shot far into the distance. Brace yourself for rejection. Prepare yourself for the Health and Safety book being fired at you from all corners. Think outside the box, work on your 20/20 vision. Better still see what confronts you when you try…


Peter Brazel’s Golden Summer of 1971

Remembering Peter Brazel’s Golden Era He recalls with great clarity that Sunday in July 1971. Early rising, mix of adventure and excitement. They loaded up the Ford Cortina. Turned right out of Ennafort and headed towards the City Centre. There was no M50 back then, it was a swathe of farmland out the North County. Bound for Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, flask and sandwiches, enough to feed an army. And Swiss…


Professor Kingston Mills of Athletic Fame

With all this available time on our hands we all find ourselves looking at far more Television than is customary. TV listings, which I once Green binned with undue haste now receive the respect once reserved for Fixture lists. A realisation that there is only so many times you can revisit Premier League Years and How The Open (pick a year) was Won, has made the latest SKY Sports subscription…