Sean Maher 13th At European Youth Olympic Festival

Sean Maher finished a very respectable 13th at the European Youth Olympic festival in Baku this morning.

Hammer thrower Maher took 13th place with a best throw of 56.48 metres, outside his personal best.

“I’m severely disappointed and I knew I could perform a lot better than 56m” explained Maher, that’s 12m off what I know what I can throw.”

“But when you’re here you need to compete with the big boys, you need to get a throw in in the first three or you’re not going anywhere“.

“I take so much with me, simple things that you can take to the next step and it really helps you bring up your game.”

“I definitely want to come back, the World U20s in Kenya next year, that’s where I know I’m going to show out.”