Reminder! Covid-19 Level 5 Restrictions

The committee of Raheny Shamrock Athletic Club remind all members that all club activity is closed owing to Covid-19 level 5 restrictions.

Training can only take place individually, there is to be no gatherings or training in groups under any circumstances.

Six club members have received classification from Athletics Ireland and Sport Ireland as “Elite Athletes,” they have some exemptions to level 5 restrictions only.

All training sessions are cancelled, without exception.

The clubhouse is closed to all members.

All club training facilities are closed to Raheny Shamrock members.

People may meet with people from one other household in outdoor settings when taking exercise this must be within 5km of their home.

Any breaches of covid-19 restrictions or any breaches that may damage the good name of Raheny Shamrock Athletic Club will be dealt with per Public Health Guidelines.

Raheny Shamrock Athletic Club remains committed to the guidance and direction of Athletics Ireland, Sport Ireland, the HSE and the Government.