Return of Adult Athletics From May 10

Raheny Shamrock Athletic Club are delighted to announce a return to adult training from May 10th in line with government guidelines.

We are awaiting guideline documentation from Athletics Ireland and Sport Ireland in relation to resuming training from May 10th onwards.

Ahead of this re-opening we advise all members that from the 10th of May onwards to train with Raheny Shamrock Athletic Club you must be a paid member.

All coaches must be paid members of Raheny Shamrock Athletic Club.

Non-members and non-paid members are banned under the living with Covid-19 guidelines.

Resumption of road racing

Raheny Shamrock Athletic Club welcome the proposed return of match fixtures from June 7 2021 under the governments proposals which includes race fixtures.

We do not expect to receive guideline documentation for the proposed return of road racing until late May at the earliest.

However, the club have been working on a number of possible fixture lists in the months during lockdown.

Our aim is;

1. Complete the 2020 Lord Mayor of Raheny Series which has seven races remaining.

2. To host the 2020 Battle of Clontarf 10 Mile

3. To host a number of long standing club races which have missed their traditional date in 2020/21.

We will release further details closer to the proposed return to road racing.