2022 AXA Raheny 5 Sells Out!

The 2022 AXA Raheny 5 has sold out 19 days ahead of the race returning to the roads on Sunday January 30.

Unprecedented demand coupled with the covid-19 public health restrictions has seen the AXA Raheny 5 sell out early.

“We’re delighted to be in a position to host the 2022 AXA Raheny 5” said race director Dave Hooper.

“While we look forward to the big race on January 30, health and safety is at the front of our mind.

“We have reviewed all the covid-19 guidelines and made some changes to our management of the event to ensure the best road race in Ireland is delivered in as safe a matter as possible”.

“Closing entries early allows us to deliver the 2022 AXA Raheny 5 within the covid-19 guidelines” added Hooper.

While entries have now closed for the 2022 AXA Raheny 5, the entries are still open for the three juvenile races.

Entries are available here