Days Like This

Club is family. Never underestimate it. We all have a deeply embedded need to belong. To be part of something that is for the greater good. To help, to contribute, to take part, to be involved. Yesterday in St Anne’s Park Raheny, the spiritual home ground of Raheny Shamrock, the family had a gathering like no other. It started early. January can be bleak. But the second Sunday means the…


Dublin Masters Preview

What is it about the Dublin masters cross country? Ask any club captain? Try cobbling together a team for the Dublin Senior last October, the Leinster Masters next week or the National Intermediate next month. It’s a gargantuan task? Niggles, birthday parties, long runs in preparation for a Marathon months away are all trotted out. When you do get them on board you wince with dread every time the next…


Dublin Masters Cross Country Volunteers Required

This Sunday, the Dublin masters cross country championship 2022 arrives on our doorstep when the club hosts the event in St Anne’s Park. Over the last few years the event has become by the far biggest, most popular and most competitive championship within the County. Of far more significance to Raheny people is; for the first time since his sudden passing in October 2020, clubs will be competing, in addition…


Christmas Morning Revisited

After the storm abated, the winds calmed and the rain chose to go away it was time for the scrutineers to listen to hard luck stories, seek clarifications, study the evidence and then do what judges are charged with doing. Making hard decisions. The finality of the Finish Line had decided most of the winners. Kieran Kelly, for the 5th time in his career was overall winner. Lucy Barrett in…