The 2019 Summer of Club Records

Whatever one’s memories of summer 2019 it certainly was a hot one when it came to the revision of club senior track and field records.

A total of eight new records were set in a further raising of standards at Raheny Shamrock, writes Dick Hooper.

The breakdown and spread too was indicative of progress being made across the board.

In the month of July Mark Smyth, semi-finalist at the European U23 Championships rewrote his own sprint records lowering the records to 10.60 seconds (100m) and 21.29 (200m).

Brian Fay, a finalist at the European U23 Championships had earlier in June relieved Ben Brady of his 28-year-old record when running 8:45.60, a whopping nine seconds improvement on the old mark.

A month earlier over in the USA Colm Bourke leapt a massive 7.58 metres to improve his own long jump record.

After that it became the summer of the throwers Eric Favors and Niamh Fogarty, both of whom would take the shot and discus records to the veritable cleaners.

Liam Kennedy’s shot mark had stood since 1981 at a very healthy 15.24m. Eric sure took care of that with his 19.28m when winning his first senior Irish vest in Leiria.

Discus is very much his second event but showing what a great asset he is to Raheny, Eric tossed the discus out to 48.59m when gaining big points in the League Final.

As well as finishing a magnificent seventh in the European U23 Championships, Niamh Fogarty rewrote the Discus record books, her primary event, winning the national seniors In 52.96m.

Earlier in the year Niamh had putt the Shot 12.99 at the Irish Universities. These records have now been updated in the club records elsewhere on this website.

Omitted but not forgotten from the recent update of Senior outdoor records set in 2019 was Kim O’Hare’s significant improvement on her own Triple Jump record.

At the Nationals Championships in Santry In July Kim hop, stepped and jumped a mighty 11.72m. This performance won Kim the Bronze medal on the day, meant she ranked 4th in the 2019 and in the pantheon of Irish Triple Jumpers moved her to 23rd on the Irish all time list.

For the record details of the eight new outdoor records last year are:


100m 10.60 Mark Smyth 26/07/19 Santry

200m 21.29 Mark Smyth 12/07/19 Gavle

3,000m S/C 8.54.60 Brian Fay 18/06/19 Sollentuna

Long Jump 7.58 Colm Bourke 11/05/19 Jonesboro AR

Shot 19.28m Eric Favors 03/08/19 Leiria

Discus 48.59m Eric Favors 20/07/19 Tullamore


Shot 12.99m Niamh Fogarty 05/04/19 Athlone

Discus 52.96m Niamh Fogarty 26/07/19 Santry

Triple Jump Kim O’Hare 11.72m 26/07/2019 Santry