Patricia Duggan Wins 2021 Donagh Lynch Cup

Patricia Duggan landed the 2021 Donagh Lynch memorial handicap on Tuesday night which was ran in conjunction with round 11 of the 2020 Lord Mayor series.

Duggan came closest to time set by the handicapper in this sealed handicap race which is part of the winter league and took place in the Lord Mayor series as a one off.

The top five in the 2021 Donagh Lynch Cup were

  1. Patricia Duggan
  2. Dave Feeney
  3. Orla Gormley
  4. Aileen Cooke
  5. Christy Reilly

Full results of the flat road race are available here

The 2022 Donagh Lynch memorial handicap is scheduled to return to its normal date of February 2022 and will be held in the winter league.

The 2020 Lord Mayor of Raheny Two Mile series continues on Tuesday July 13 with round 12. There are two rounds of the series remaining.