Mick Clohisey wins 2021 Joe Noonan Cup

Mick Clohisey retained the 2021 Joe Noonan Cup, taking his third win in the competition while Jenny O’Sullivan took the women’s title her first.

Clohisey put in a commanding performance to come home in 24 minutes 58 seconds. This was the second time in 2021 that Clohisey lifted the Noonan cup having won the 2020 version in September.

Jenny O’Sullivan clocked 31.33 for the women’s title some four minutes clear of her nearest competitor.

1Mick Clohisey24.58
2Ian Conroy27.32
3Ger Redmond28.05
4Chis Hamill28.201st Junior
5Josh Chambers28.26
6Terry Keogh28.321st M45
7Marcus O'Sullivan28.36
8Eric Champ28.37
9Dara MacRiocaird29.20
10Aaron Tansey29.36
11Simon Sheridan30.551st M35
12Damhan Mulligan31.02
13Peter Rogan31.07
14Mark Kirwan31.15
15Damien Martin31.181st M55
16Keith Fleming31.231st M50
17Paddy Conroy31.23
18Jenny O'Sullivan31.331st Lady
19Gary Aylward31.521st M60
20Dave O'Hara32.03
21Feidhlim Kelly32.14
22Ruairi McArdle33.181st M40
23Dave Feeney34.081st M55
24Dan Wallace34.29
25Rob Walsh34.32
26Mick Alexader35.24
27Hugh Cronin35.37
28Brian Hanney35.40
29Aileen Cooke35.452nd Lady
30Blathin Shiel36.273rd Lady
31Brian Hanley36.55
32Stephen Walsh36.57
33Mick Gygax37.35
34Des Lyons37.50
35Sinead McArdle38.081st F40
36Paul Hyland38.22
37Amanda Lanagan38.261st F45
38Angela Charlton38.351st F50
39Ger O'Rourke38.40
40Maura Lynskey38.42
41Deirdre O'Dwyer39.21
42Melanie Dickson39.38
43Jean Dickson40.281st F60
44Ciara Cosgrave40.44
45Orla McIllhinney40.56
46Sinead Lyons42.3
47Trish Duggan42.44
48Cherie Hyland43.04
49Nessa Ryan44.37
50Susan O'Connor44.38
51Michelle Donohoe45.03
52Maria Hughes45.24
53Mick Goodman45.51
54Mia Chan46.04
55Rose McCaul48.45
56Zara Rogers52.05
57Adrienne Murray52.05