Clubhouse Update: Raheny Shamrock To Relocate To Old Church In Raheny Village

I am delighted to say that we are now resident in our new temporary home while our clubhouse is going through planning and then construction.

The temporary clubhouse is the Old Church in the heart of Raheny at the main intersection in the village.

We have some works to make it athlete friendly,  these are ongoing and we are very thankful to volunteers who have been making this possible.

We will have a significantly improved facility now compared to what we had. A fine room for meetings, teas and coffees post runs and an area to meet with fellow runners. We have men’s and ladies changing areas but we won’t have showers.

The church has a fine hall, a very impressive space and we hope this will provide many uses with a small gym area and room for classes like Yoga and Pilates going forward.

As we progress with facilities we will need management on site and while we hope to be open weekday evenings and weekend mornings we will require help and a call for volunteers will go out  shortly. It’s hoped to start phased opening very soon and allow members to meet and run from the new Clubhouse.

Hopefully our next posting will provide times and dates that we can all meet and get going .

Gerard O’Rourke

Chair of Facilities Management

Main hall of new temporary clubhouse
Kitchen of new temporary clubhouse