O’Dwyer Third At Docklands

Graham O’Dwyer was first Raheny man at the Dockland’s 5K on Thursday night in 16 minute 23 seconds.

O’Dwyer was just 18 seconds off winner Kevin Donagher of Rathfarham WSAF in 16:05 and second placed Noah Watt of Willowfield and Temperance harriers in 16:07.

Barry Meehan took eighth place in 16:55 Those who also ran were Aaron Tansey 17:29, Davey Duane 18:27, John Clarke 18:37, Francesco Petroni 18:39.

Ken Shannon 18:47, Keith Fleming 18:57, Wal McConnell 19:27, Philip O’Gorman 19:45, John McManus 19:57, Kevin Morrissey 20:08, Helen Carr 20:31, Dave Feeney 20:31.

Keith Comiskey 20:44, Paul Cullen 20:52, Nick Alexander 21:30, Souvik Ghosh 22:24, Hannah Coleman 22:44, Brian Kelly 22:50, Christopher Quaid 23:26.

Denise Kelleher 23:32, Des Lyons 23:15, Nicola Mooney 23:15, Alan Browne 23:20, Amanda Langan 23:52, Deirdre O’Dwyer 24:08, De O’Connor 24:34, Sinead Lyons 26:25, Valerie Clinton 26:26, Mick Goodman 28:17, Trish Fitzgerald 30:14.

There was good news on the team front with Graham O’Dwyer, Barry Meehan and Aaron Tansey combing to win the men’s team event with 36 points. Eight points clear of Sportsworld.

While the women’s team of Helen Carr, Haannah Coleman and Denise Kelleher took third place.