Let’s Talk Running Series – How to train as a Midlife Woman

Following the success of our Let’s talk running series, supporting training for the 2022 Dublin Marathon, we are delighted to introduce our first talk of 2023, “How to train as a Midlife Woman”.

Irene Clark (Instagram menopause_coach_irene) will host this session on Sunday January 22nd from 10:30 to 14:30 venue TBC.

Places are limited for this session at a cost of €20. To secure your place click the Join Here button below and select the option “How to train as a Midlife Woman talk”.

Places for this talk will be allocated on a first come first served basis, cash payments will not be taken on the day and places must be booked in advance in order to secure booking with the speaker.

Details of the key topics covered in this session are detailed below.

How to train as a Midlife Woman Content:
Answering the big question ‘why does exercise feel so hard’?
Making exercise choices – how different types of training benefit you or feel really hard – Why is this?
Training for a race – the differences between a traditional training plan and one in Menopause
Why have I slowed down so much & how do I get faster now?
What strength training really is (and isn’t)
The importance of recovery
Why am I always injured

Nutrition – How best to support ourselves
Understanding body shape changes/weight gain
Joining the dots between menopause, exercise, nutrition, recovery & cortisol
Why am I doing everything ‘right’ but gaining weight
How do we nourish our bodies before, during, and after exercise?
Why are we craving foods?
How do I increase my protein intake?
What are the practical solutions and the small steps we can make for
long-term sustainable change?

Understanding menopause and midlife.. It’s not me it’s my hormones!
Why it happens, recognising symptoms, what you can do and how to take control of menopause.
What is perimenopause and menopause and how is it diagnosed?
What are the main symptoms?
How to get the right help and support to help you take control of your
menopause at work and home
HRT Risks & Benefits

UPDATE: Limited spaces available please contact Anne McComish on 087 224 6452.