Fogarty Triumphant At Dublin Graded

Niamh Fogarty made a good welcome return to competition with victory at the second Dublin graded meet in Tallaght on Wednesday night.

Fogarty threw a best of 50.52 metres in the discus to register victory. Anna Gavigan of LSA took second place with a best of 44.13 metres.

Fogarty’s 2022 was heavily disrupted due to a back injury so it’s great to see Niamh back in competition and winning competition.

Elsewhere, there were some good performances on the track, Conall Rogers took fifth place in the 1500m A race clocking 4:09.20. The race was won by Metro’s Traian Rebegea in 3:58.73.

Also over 1500 metres in the D grade, Vengatramanakarthikeyan Meiazhagan posted 4:55.58 followed by Mark Salmon 4:57.81 and Paul Curtayne 5:43.99.

The second grade D race, Christian Finn posted 4:43.87. In the women’s grade D race, Sharon Keilty clocked 6:02.24.

While in the 200m grade C race Fionn Burke posted 26.76 seconds.