New Collection Items Available

Raheny Shamrock are delighted to launch a collection, in aid of two great causes.

Many of our club members, have runners at home, which they no longer run in or which perhaps they bought and just don’t wear.

Sanctuary Runners enable Irish residents to run alongside and in solidarity with asylum seekers and refugees in Direct Provision, thereby fostering friendship, positivity and respect, while bringing greater awareness to the migrations system.

Grafton Street Kitchens is a non profit organisation, their goal is to help less fortunate members of the community. This includes helping the elderly, unemployed, poor, migrants and homeless.

Barry Carroll of Raheny United, volunteers in Grafton Street Kitchens. Barry works tirelessly to assist the people who attend Grafton Street Kitchens and he will distribute the runners.

What to donate:

Sanctuary Runners would love to receive:

– Adult runners any size with some miles left them (especially sizes UK 4 to UK 9 incl half sizes)

-Running bras.

– Running leggings and shorts (particularly in the larger sizes M, L and above).

Grafton Street Kitchens would love receive:

– Adult runners in all sizes, suitable for walking.

There are two labelled collection boxes, inside the door of the clubhouse. Members, please tie any runners which you wish to donate, together in pairs and place in the respective box.

Your donations will be very much appreciated #onelifeoneclub