Parkrun Round-Up 21 October

John Dunne won out in Malahide in 16:48, Dermot Coffey took fourth place in 17:56 with Niall Power eighth in 18:20. While Sean Flynn posted 18:41, Paul Frewen 19:36, Stephen Nolan 20:01, Helen Carr 20:33, Denise Kelleher 25:05 and Steven Rowe 26:35. In St. Annes Park John Clarke won out in 17:20 with Wesley Grant second in 17:28. Others who ran in John Clohisey 18:59, Colm Cassidy 19:01, Philip McGovern…


Parkrun Round-Up October 13

Robert Frewen won out in Malahide posting 17 minutes 19 seconds, David Sheehy took second place in 17:52. Others who ran were Paul Frewen 19:23, Witek Lochowski 20:24, Steven Rowe 25:56. In Griffeen park Dave Brady posted 29:55 Ian Christopher Conroy won out in St. Annes Park in 16 minutes 39 seconds with Dermot Coffey fourth in 17:59, Bernard Roe fifth in 18:13. Conall Rogers took eighth place in 18:22…


Parkrun Round-Up October 6

Dermot Coffey won out in Griffeen in 17:57, while in St. Anne’s Park Conall Rogers took fifth place in 18:12 with Declan Whooley sixth in 18:27 and Conall Murphy ninth in 18:47. Others who ran in St.Anne’s Philip McGovern 19:22, Keith Fleming 19:42, Sarah Kelly 19:46, Dave Feeney 20:01, Keith Comiskey 20:06, Colm Cassidy 20:33, Louis Linnane 20:39 Helen Carr 20:47, Dean Keogh 20:51, Dylan Evenden 20:54, Eamon Traynor 21:01,…


Parkrun Round-Up September 29

John Dunne won out in Porterstown in 16:32, while Brian Sexton took second place in Avondale Forest parkrun in 18:35. Declan Whooley won out in Westport in 18:24 with Sarah Kelly fifth in 19:44. Colm Cassidy took second place in St. Annes Park in 16:50, Robert Frewen took third in 16:57, while Dermot Coffey finished eighth in 18:19 and Sean Flynn ninth 18:25. Others who ran in St.Anne’s were Anthony…