The Great Raheny Shamrock Trophy Hunt

Raheny Shamrock Athletic Club have a fine tradition of trophies and cups being presented throughout the club calendar year.

The major majority of these trophies declare how the club is based in it’s family traditions as the club’s family members have donated trophies throughout our 62-year history.

Unfortunately a number of the trophies have not been returned and over a long period these trophies have been absent from presentation.

While during current covid-19 regulations we are not allowed to make presentations on the night, now is a good time to try and locate a number of trophies.

If you have or have any idea on the locations of the below trophies please email info @ We promise you are not in trouble, we would just like to update the trophies and present them at future race when restrictions allow.

The Tommy Lynam Cup
The Jim Wall Cup
The Holland Cup – there are two of these!
The Peter Doody Cup – Women’s trophy