Hyland And Kearney Take Raheny Open Mile

Andrew Hyland and Niamh Kearney prevailed as Raheny Open mile winners for 2022.

It was Andrew Hyland’s first victory in the Open Mile after a battle down the home straight with Shane Spring, Hyland powering home in four minutes 22 seconds, just two seconds clear of Spring. Adam Condon took bronze in 4:33.

Niamh Kearney was a convincing winner of the women’s race in four minutes 49 seconds. Niamh’s fourth Raheny Open mile title, making Niamh the most successful female at this event.

Lucy Barrett took silver in 5:09 and in bronze medal place was Sarah Quigley in 5:22.

1Andy HylandRaheny Shamrock4.22
2Shane SpringRaheny Shamrock4.24
3Adam CondonRaheny Shamrock4.33
4David KirwinRaheny Shamrock4.38
5Robert FrewenRaheny Shamrock4.41
6Niamh KearneyRaheny Shamrock4.49
7John Patrick BurklowRaheny Shamrock4.54
8Darragh Mac RiocairdRaheny Shamrock4.55
9Emmet O'CleirighRaheny Shamrock4.58
10Sean KellyRaheny Shamrock4.59
11Rory O'SullivanRaheny Shamrock5.02
12Christopher QuaidRaheny Shamrock5.04
13Lucy BarrettRaheny Shamrock5.09
14Mark McComishRaheny Shamrock5.10
15Andy KellyRaheny Shamrock5.11
16David CroninRaheny Shamrock5.16
17Walter McConnellRaheny Shamrock5.20
18Sarah QuigleyRaheny Shamrock5.22
19Peter RoganRaheny Shamrock5.28
20Gordon ManningRaheny Shamrock5.31
21Gary AylwardRaheny Shamrock5.33
22Eamon TraynorRaheny Shamrock5.36
23Triona Nic DhonallRaheny Shamrock5.37
24Siomha McGeeRaheny Shamrock5.38
25Brian CotterRaheny Shamrock5.42
26Orla ManleyRaheny Shamrock5.46
27Paul CurtayneRaheny Shamrock5.53
28Sarah DewaherRaheny Shamrock5.56
29Derek O'MahoneyRaheny Shamrock5.57
30Michael KingRaheny Shamrock6.01
31Keith FlemingRaheny Shamrock6.02
32Aoibhiann AthkinsRaheny Shamrock6.04
33Keith ComiskeyRaheny Shamrock6.06
34Orla GormleyRaheny Shamrock6.07
35Ciaran ShandlerUnattached6.09
36Mick GygaxRaheny Shamrock6.12
37Lisa McCarthyRaheny Shamrock6.23
38Erika TurunenUnattached6.24
39Brian HanneyRaheny Shamrock6.25
40Trish FitzgeraldRaheny Shamrock6.26
41Nick AlexanderRaheny Shamrock6.27
42Gary PowerRaheny Shamrock6.28
43Nora ByrneRaheny Shamrock6.30
44Connor CumminsRaheny Shamrock6.31
45Roisin PooleyRaheny Shamrock6.34
46Eamonn DunneRaheny Shamrock6.39
47Patricia O'CleirighRaheny Shamrock6.40
48Jenny ColbertRaheny Shamrock6.44
49Anne SheridanRaheny Shamrock6.47
50Fiona KirwanRaheny Shamrock6.51
51Melanie HearnsRaheny Shamrock6.52
52Emer SheridanRaheny Shamrock6.56
53Ger O'RourkeRaheny Shamrock6.57
54Orla McElhineyRaheny Shamrock6.59
55Angela CharltonRaheny Shamrock7.16
56Michelle DonohoeRaheny Shamrock7.42
57Petra CroninRaheny Shamrock7.57
58Patricia LoriganRaheny Shamrock8.29
59Zara RogersRaheny Shamrock8.29
60Bob QuinnRaheny Shamrock9.00
61Stephen RoweRaheny Shamrock9.01
62Jennifer LeeBlackrock12.48